How to deal with hacked WordPress

How to deal with hacked WordPress

There are steps you can take to reduce the possibility of your casual fun hacker waltzing into the front door of your site. The trick is to make it as difficult as possible to find any entry doors. This will eliminate up to 95% of all hack attacks on your site

If your site goes down how much business will you lose?

If your site pages are changed how much credibility and good will is lost?

If a hacker leaves a virus unknown to you – untold damage can be done to both established and potential customers who visit your site. When any of this occurs you know that it is time to hire wordpress malware removal service.

Hackers use security breaches to slip spam links into your database and theme files. They use CSS to make them invisible so you won’t even realize they are there. While there is no such thing as a 100% secure website, our aim is to lower the probability of your website suffering a hack attempt and to make it as difficult as possible for your site to be compromised. A common technique hackers deploy are automated scripts to search for easy sites to hack (they can literally crawl thousands of sites an hour) and they only need one security flaw to get into your site.

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