How to find good WordPress theme

How to find good WordPress theme

First of all what is wordpress?

Well, wordpress is a blogging platform that can be twisted for any type of business. So you can use wordpress for photographers, actors, astrologers,lawyers, film, entertainment,commerce, charity, basically any type of business. The key to finding a beautiful wordpress theme isn’t just the word ‘beautiful’ its basically knowing and understanding a little bit about the development of the theme itself out there. What I have learned by experience over these years on the computer and purchasing themes to try is that the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is really true. Think about it for a second, you are on the web and you search : Premium beautiful wordpress themes. You go to a site and you may see themes 40 bucks for personal use and 2500 for commercial (which means that you can officially use theme).

Then you think, how can this theme be 40, but if i want to use it commercially its 2500 and the same ‘coding’ is inside (meaning its built the same way you just get a small license key). Now I only have 1 word for that and its : ‘FREELANCE’ yes NEVER buy any ‘freelance’ author based wordpress themes. Any market you go to and you see a ‘if you are an author sell your theme’ that tells me that that market place isn’t that professional and thats why their themes won’t be reliable, too slow, or have other defects. Now what I’ve always recommended is going for a company based team. A company is licensed most of the time or has enough experience and way more requirements to build you a good produce and one such company is ThemeIt. Going by the price of how much companies are it can get pretty pricey so this is why Ive always recommended Luminexa to everyone. Its commercially licensed, company built, multipurpose, great css effects , beautiful theme options (has 3!), and its the only wordpress website with image and content protection which means that no one can steal your images in any way or copy and paste your article to put it in their website. I find this 100 percent more secure than any other theme, price is amazing, and the wordpress theme is truly : beautiful as I shall say.

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