Sourcing Office Furniture In China is Good Strategy for Office Distributors

Sourcing Office Furniture In China is Good Strategy for Office Distributors

Sourcing new office products in China may not be as easy as getting your main supply from just around the corner. However, it seems that for companies looking to have the lead on the competition in this day and age, they would need to plan on a strategy involving sourcing some product in China. Cost pressure is a reason that many American distributors are turning to the international suppliers who offer the lowest cost in labor, a major cost in any manufacturing or distribution project.

China’s demand for manufacturing facilities for office equipment, chairs, and furniture has grown significantly in the past few years. Many major furniture producers are located in China and the number is growing due to demand from American consumers. The world economy is seemingly recovering which means more opportunities for U.S. companies to export their products, but still China remains strong in the industry and hard to beat.

The U.S. however, does seem to have a terrific niche market in the ergonomic style and high-end design category. With the Herman Miller Aeron and Humanscale Freedom Chair being at the top of their class and uncomparable, the expensive ergonomic models are still mass produced in the United States.

With effective use of transportation and with knowledge of the importing and exporting industry, a company in FBA sourcing can take advantage of the low prices offered for basically the same office chairs, desks and furniture offered from the U.S. manufacturers.

With higher profit margins and product moving faster due to the outrageously low prices, American office furniture dealers who are taking advantage of these overseas pricing advantages are steps beyond the rest.

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